"Our bank was asked to refinance a park, allowing funds to transition an underperforming property.  Commonwealth had been newly-hired by the owner.   We met with the owner, Regional Manager (Jim Ryan), and the new Community Manager to gage the risk and determined that if Commonwealth could deliver turnaround within 12 months, the bank could lend the construction funding and convert to long-term stable financing.   The Commonwealth team quickly brought rents current or evicted non-payers, flipped homes, and installed units to fill all empty lots. They were able to sell nearly all empty homes within this short time window while repairing water and sewer meters and lines to allow nearly 100% recapture.   The property is now performing at the NOI predicted by Commonwealth, with a far happier and contented community who appreciate the turn-around. 

Doug White, Pacific Continental Bank

“I think you do a good job. Thanks for the help, and we plan to stay with you because of the professional and valuable service.”

Mike M. – Property Owner

“Commonwealth has been providing us with professional management for over a decade. Previously, we had managed two Oregon parks by ourselves. Their promise was to improve operations and enhance cash flow. Promise has been kept.” 

Bob & Barbara S. – Property Owners

“Commonwealth has managed our two communities for nearly two decades. From the well-manicured common area landscaping to the demonstrated pride of ownership of our residents, we have enjoyed the results of high standards promoted by Commonwealth in having our communities stand out as two of the finest managed and most attractive communities in the Portland metropolitan area.”

Mike C. & Jack C. – Property Owners

“Commonwealth Real Estate Services has made my life stress free because I’m confident that any problems that may arise will be professionally handled in a timely manner. They are able to achieve a positive result for the most difficult situations. I’m very happy with our 17 year relationship and highly recommend Commonwealth Real Estate Services to any property owner who is in need of management. Keep up the good work Commonwealth.”

Christa S. - Property Owner

“In 2014 Commonwealth Real Estate Services took over management of a manufactured home community my wife and I purchased in 2007. We had attempted for 7 years to oversee the onsite manager with limited success. The Commonwealth team quickly identified the issues that were contributing to the park’s poor performance including:

  • Hiring and training a new on-site Manager. Commonwealth’s regional manager helped the new manager be successful.
  • Aggressively pursued collections from remaining derelict and non-paying residents until a zero delinquency rate was achieved.
  • Implemented rent increases, which brought the property back in line with market rents
  • Suggested and ultimately implemented the change in park policy to pass garbage expenses on to the tenant.
  • Shopped and located new insurance for the property at significant savings.
  • Made suggestions for bringing back the financial and aesthetic viability of the property.
  • Replaced water meters, brought water collections up to 100% from 48%.
  • New software brought sewer collections up to over 95% from 50%.
  • In less than 12 months, Commonwealth has located, acquired, rehabbed and moved 7 quality homes, filling previously long-term vacant lots in the park.
  • Oversaw the repaving of the drive lanes with new asphalt.
  • The replacement of lighting at front of property and at the entrance sign.

With all these improvements and our infusion of additional capital, our real estate investment is now beginning to approach the return we had envisioned. Could we turn back the hands of time, we would have been well served to put our Commonwealth team in place when we purchased the property."

Stephen and Pamella T. - Property Owners